In the two fields in which I work, pop and film, my work process can vary from one extreme to another. As with all things, information is power, or in my case, information is the key to a successful project. When I am hired, whether as an arranger, an orchestrator or conductor, the amount of information I can get from the client will make my job harder or easier......

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Nick's long association with the BBC started at this time and he became staff arranger and conductor with the BBC Midland Orchestra and The BBC Radio Orchestra, producing up to ten titles a week for Radio Two.


By now, Nick's reputation as an arranger for pop records was growing and he had early hits with Sade, Everything But The Girl, The Fine Young Cannibals, The Pale Fountains, and Working Week.


In 1987, his old teacher Graham Collier invited him to join him as part of the newly formed Jazz Department at the Royal Academy of Music. Within a year, Nick had created his own department, the Commercial Music Department, which he continued to run successfully for the next ten years. At the time, it was the only department of its kind in the UK, but has now many imitators. Nick was awarded a Hon RAM in 1990.


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